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A Mark Perry concert is like a Canadian roadtrip…

from playing hockey on frozen lakes, to buying a car for “two cords of wood and 24 beer” to that time your were sinking on an overnight ferry. This northern British Columbian singer-songwriter pays tribute to real characters and events in his rugged and rural Canada and moves us with his knack for making the specific feel universal. We are transfixed by a dirt road ballad one minute, and cutting a rug to a river-rising frolic the next. He’s a refreshing LIVE performer renowned in the west as a candid “salt-of-the-earth” storyteller who makes a theatre audience feel like they’re in his living room.

As a songwriter, BC music reviewer Frank Peebles ranks him up with the Boss and the Piano Man: “New Jersey has Springsteen, New York has Billy Joel, northern BC has Mark Perry. These are the storytellers of their times and places.”

Perry recorded his 1st album, Dreams of the Highway, in 1990 with Roy Forbes (Bim), and recorded the next 10 with acclaimed producers Steve Dawson, Hugh McMillan, Bob Hamilton, Joby Baker & Jordy Walker. In 2019, Perry released “Recollections”, a compilation featuring 20 songs from his 1st 10 albums. On it, he re-recorded his single “Queen of the North” about the epic sinking of a BC Ferry. Later in 2019 he released a new single, “Cold Road”, a passionate song touching on what hockey means in Canada, exploring the nation’s hopes and dreams and a small town tragedy.

In 2019 Perry began broadening his reach and got a new rush of international airtime in places like New Zealand, the UK, and across North America. Perry’s music currently features himself on lead vocals and acoustic guitar accompanied by various musical companions typically including Mark Thibeault (pedal steel), Tobin Frank (accordion/bass), Ian Olmstead (accordion/bass/percussion), Mip (vocal harmonies/bass), Kiri Daust (Violin) and Richard Jenne (percussion).

As a kid growing up in a small northern BC town in the 70s, Perry got his start when he tuned in to the scratchy, barely audible, late night radio waves coming from Vancouver and heard CCR, the Rolling Stones, Eric Burdon and Gordon Lightfoot. He traded an old lawnmower for what he calls an “electric(ish) guitar” and into the neighbour’s basement he went – guitar in hand, trying to play that music. He earned his calluses playing consecutive 6-nighters with his road band, and started writing and crafting his own popular songs. In between raising a family and working for the Canadian railroad, he recorded and performed to a growing fan base.

These days, Perry runs a small horse farm with his wife Jane in a beautiful mountain valley outside Smithers BC.

Upcoming Shows…

Winter 2019

  • January 1, 2019 • SMITHERS, BC • Glenwood Hall
  • February 13, 2019 • MONTREAL, QC • Folk Alliance International (private showcases)
  • February 14, 2019 • MONTREAL, QC • Folk Alliance International (private showcases)
  • February 15, 2019 • MONTREAL, QC • Folk Alliance International (private showcases)
  • February 16, 2019 • MONTREAL, QC • Folk Alliance International (private showcases)
  • February 18, 2019 • TORONTO, ONT • Tranzac Club

Fall 2018

  • September 21, 2018 • QUESNEL, BC • The Occidental
  • September 22, 2018 • PRINCE GEORGE, BC • Artspace
  • September 23, 2018 • FORT ST. JAMES, BC • Pope Mountain Arts
  • September 28, 2018 • DUNSTER, BC • Dunster Schoolhouse
  • September 29, 2018 • CALGARY, Alberta • the Nickleodeon Music Club
  • December 27, 2018 • SMITHERS, BC • Driftwood Schoolhouse

“When Smithers, BC-based singer-songwriter Mark Perry heard about the fatal Humboldt Broncos bus crash in Saskatchewan last April, he felt numb. The former up-and-coming hockey player and rural hockey coach went to his shed to deal. He wrote a song called “Cold Road.”

We’re thrilled to be premiering it here today on Roots Music Canada.

Like so many Canadians, I was heartbroken. Years ago, I played hockey with guys from the Moosejaw Warriors, Saskatoon Blades and Humboldt Broncos, among others,” Mark said. “I played as a kid along with my four brothers. My son played hockey. I coached a lot of teens. … Everything felt really close to home.”

Mark’s home territory of rural northwestern BC is similar to many of Canada’s sparsely-populated landscapes where sports teams need to travel far and wide, back and forth along icy highways to get to their games.

I have played ‘Cold Road’ live in Calgary, Toronto and Montreal this year, and the response has been a little emotional,” Mark said. “Hockey is so much a part of our fabric here in Canada. People relate to really going for it … following that dream of making it to the NHL.”

Mark was encouraged to record the song, so he called up producer Jordy Walker from the Yukon and musical comrades Tobin Frank (Spirit of the West), Mark Thibeault, and Ian Olmstead and recorded the track this winter.

The he may be a new voice to many listeners, Mark is not new to the recording and performing world; he has 12 albums out, he performs frequently in the Canadian north west, and he has begun to broaden his reach.

He is best-known for his storytelling style and often makes legends out of local characters and events in his region.

‘New Jersey has Springsteen. New York has Billy Joel. Northern BC has Mark Perry.’

Take it away, Mark!”


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Its Christmas in these Parts – 1

  • Release Date: November 12, 2018
  • Genre: Christmas folk/rock/roots
  • Recommended if you like: Lucinda Williams meets Led Zepplin, Kathleen Edwards, Buffy Saint Marie
  • To purchase DIRECT from the artist: go to

Rachelle van Zanten’s It’s Christmas in these Parts – 1 dishes up six new contemporary Christmas songs so you can chew on some rootsy ear candy this Holiday Season.

Listed by musician Randy Bachman as one of Canada’s “best slide guitarists”, van Zanten has spent most of her life on the International Rock N Roll Highway, paving the way for the next generation of female musicians. As an acclaimed song writer and recording/touring artist, this Canadian roots rocker has a knack for writing timeless tunes that resonate with the masses. She is now releasing a fresh pallet of six original Holiday classics destined for the household Christmas playlist.

She cut her professional teeth as a member of the 1990s award-winning Canadian female rock band, Painting Daisies and began making headlines as a solo artist in 2005, recording four albums in her first 8 years — Back to Francois (2006), Where Your Garden Grows (2009), Oh Mother (2013), & her debut children’s album Little Spruce (2016). She is renowned for her powerful live performances & soulful Canadiana grooves that capture the essence of her rural northern BC origins.

Produced by Joby Baker, It’s Christmas in these Parts – 1 was recorded at Baker Studios in Victoria & Prince George, BC with Rachelle, Joby Baker, Tobin Frank, Richard Moody, Mark Thibeault, Anne Schaefer, Melody & Felicity Baker, Mark Perry, MIP Power Trio, Alex Cuba, Ian Olmstead, Nicole & Julia Hamp, Charlie Paulson, Courtney Wainwright, Olivia Toews & Theresa Pasaluko. These genuine compositions pay tribute to the free spirit & ethereal beauty of Christmas in BCs rural Northwest while capturing the natural joy that children bring to the season. Van Zanten takes you on a memorable musical journey combining her signature guitar stylings & carefully crafted lyrics with Baker’s world-class bass & drum grooves. Other musical highlights include Richard Moody’s stunning strings, Tobin Frank’s dancing accordion, Mark Thibeault’s ethereal pedal steele & a host of cool harmonies from singers around BC — including a children’s choir.

The album opens with “Christmas Is Coming”, composed for school-aged children, capturing the escalating excitement the countdown brings. Van Zanten’s cover of Mark Perry’s “David & Louie” puts a warm light on a night of homelessness on Christmas eve. “Peace For the Children” carries us further into the true meaning of love during what can be a very hard time of year for some. Listeners will feel the vibe of a small community hall with the swaying waltz of the title track “It’s Christmas In These Parts” and then go on a cinematic journey through the wintery scenes of “Merry Christmas Rose”. Every community has a Rose. Finally, you’ll rock into Christmas with the groove of “Mary Don’t Ya Know”.



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The Mip Power Trio plays honest and edgy rock ‘n’ roots music…

 that conveys the excitement of a lively house party on a soft summer night.

It’s work hard and play hard for Canadian pop, rock ‘n’ roots band the Mip Power Trio. Since 2010 they have been gigging, touring, and recording while developing a sound that is unmistakably fresh and retro. MipGreg Kowalczyk, and Shane MacPherson are the Mip Power Trio’s colorful cast of characters showcasing a buzzing chemistry in their “fantastic live performance.” (Unsigned Radio, CUIT. FM) Behind the energetic arrangements and bellow-worthy refrains lie Mip’s smart, edgy, and honest lyrics. Each song is a brief snapshot of life, inviting listeners to raise a glass to the times – good or bad.

The Power Trio has played well over 250 shows across Western and Central Canada, are just fresh back from a northern BC tour, and regrouping for their 2019 season of concerts.

Mip grew up in Northern BC amidst stunning mountains and vibrant music. After years of playing in various bands and locations she landed in Toronto determined to share her musical voice and consequently forming the Mip Power Trio. In just over 5 years, the Mip Power Trio has released 2 albums: the first “Haggard and Bedraggled” (2012) and the more recent “Half Pint Full Heart” (2015) which was produced and engineered by Ian McGettigan (Joel Plaskett, Sloan, Matt Barber, The Stars). MIPs quirky collection of tunes range from punchy surf and heartland-rock inspired “Breakthrough” to the gospel and ska influenced “Take Me Back.”

MIP POWER TRIO’s website »


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PLAID PEOPLE MUSIC is based in north-central British Columbia offering booking, management and publicity services, primarily for artists and occasionally for events. Roster artists are established folk/roots/rock singer-songwriters known for engaging their audience and inspiring them with their music. Performing artists are oriented towards community concert series, festivals, and larger house concert venues.

The agency is spearheaded by SANDRA SMITH who draws upon decades of experience as a business leader to now focus on performing musicians and their careers. She started working with performing artists through her employment at northern BC marketing company BC Designworks. In 2016, she began booking & managing artist tours and other music events as Sandra Smith Artist Management and re-branded as PLAID PEOPLE MUSIC MANAGEMENT in 2018. She continues to partner with BC Designworks to ensure artists get the publicity and promotional tools they need to succeed. At her core, she is an entrepreneur and a coordinator who works tenaciously to connect artists with their audiences.

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